Lower Torfield Allotments

Lower Torfield allotments in Hastings enjoy good soil, a beautiful view, a real community in fellowship, hard work and love of good wholesome food. We regularly win awards for the high level of maintenance that we show, ably led by Peter Driver, our association chairman for nearly a decade and now by Sue Palmer. Saved from development, (by Peter), the allotments play an important role in community building. Our open day, every year on the first Sunday in August, attracts hundreds of visitors who enjoy elderflower wine and admire the wondrous variety of vegetables, fruit and herbs that are at their peak at this time of year


Allotments need not be backbreaking work - lots of green manures like clover and vetch smother weeds and break up the soil, so I rarely have to dig. Once you eat fresh homegrown food the importance of local, organically grown produce becomes apparent and trivial concerns over price pale.


Now our allotments are in vogue,
We'll give three hearty cheers,
For the stuff is good and all home grown,
And we beat the profiteers.

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